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Energy Storage Solutions

Introducing the first Lithium-ion battery lab in the Northern African Region.

Li-ion Energy Storage Solutions

We’re the first company in the Northern African region to have established a production unit for lithium-ion energy storage solutions.

Our products offerings include:

  • LFP lithium-ion 32650 cylindrical cells and prismatic, suitable for all sorts of applications.
  • NMC Lithium-ion 18650 cells for high energy density usages.

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Starz laboratory
A vertically integrated model

The essence of Lithium-ion accumulators is anodes, electrolytes and cathodes. To increase our cost efficiency and take control of quality, we integrated the production of these primary components into our core activities.

Cathode development will continue to be our main focus.

A Pilot production line

We partnered with best-in-class suppliers to set up a pilot line in full conformity with industry standards. The production unit is now fully operational and is equipped with customized machinery.

Driven by environmental awareness

When it comes to battery production, environmental awareness is second nature. It’s with an utmost conviction that we follow and go beyond local environmental regulations.

We’re collaborating with local expertise to implement a recycling unit that meets all our production needs.

More energy storage

To address market demand for energy-intensive applications, we’re in the process of developing Lithium-ion battery packs.

Packs’ enclosures and Battery Management Systems are being conceived using our expertise in terms of electronic/mechanic design and prototyping.