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Design & prototyping

A one-stop-solution for your electronic and electrical design and manufacturing needs

Electrical, electronic & mechanical projects

From an initial concept to a final prototype, we help you turn your project ideas into a commercially-viable hardware product. A team of technicians and engineers is at your disposal and will leverage their technical expertise to speed-up your product development.

We offer:

  • Electrical circuitry and PCB design
  • PCB modeling and simulation
  • 3D mechanical prototype sample manufacturing
  • CNC capabilities
3D design

Enclosures design and prototyping:

Enclosures count as one of the pivotal components in the final design of an electronic device as it shields the hardware from any harmful interactions with the surrounding environment. At Starz Electronics, we can guide you towards better solutions for your electronics packaging needs. Starting from scratch or building upon an already conceived design, we provide you with reliable enclosures, which are built to last.

Fully equipped with industry-standard software for CAD, we’ll work hand in hand to develop ready to manufacture prototypes that meet your requirements in regards to your budget and products’ technical specifications.

3D printer

In applying finite element analysis, we’re able to predict the physical behavior of a 3D model. Any defects as to how a model reacts to heat, vibration, and such can be located and reduced to guarantee your product’s longevity.

Our design unit includes 3D printing and CNC milling equipment. This enables us to optimize resources and reduces prototyping costs.