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Cable assembly

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Cable Assembly

Throughout the years, we have gained a high level of expertise.

Our comprehensive services portfolio includes smart inventory management, customized assembly processes, quality testing and product packaging.

Cable assembly

Delivering cable assemblies for different types of connection

Stretching over a surface of 3000 square meters, our facility encompasses the needed equipment, hand tools, and materials to deliver simple and complex cable assemblies and subassemblies that spans across different markets.

  • Fiber Optic
  • Coaxial cables
  • RF Cables
  • Twisted pair cable assemblies
  • Complex sub-assemblies
  • Multi-connector cables etc...

Our customer-centered approach

As a contract manufacturer, we’re well accustomed to the supply of customized assembly solutions. For each cable assembly project, we deploy a customer-centered approach where we draw up a set of assembly processes, in close collaboration with the customer.

We can manage production volumes, ranging from prototype series to high volume series.

From the very beginning of cable preparation and crimping to final assembly, we provide a robust work that fulfills your most stringent requirements.

Over-molding capabilities

Many harsh environments require cables with a more secure junction point between the wire and connector. At Starz Electronics, we can guarantee the assembly of these types of cable through over-molding.

Driven by a team of highly qualified technicians, our overmolding installation allows us to consistently deliver quality overmolded cables that withstand abrasion, moisture, sterilization processes, and other harmful exposures (or stand the test of time).

Proactive quality control

We’re capable of pinning-down intricate failures at the earliest stages of manufacturing, thus leading to a lower scrap rate. This is in part due to our scrupulous (or careful) pre-production inspection of each cable component.

Labeling and packaging

We offer end-to end services that include cable labeling, custom primary and secondary packaging and palletisation.