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Electronic And Electric Assemblies Require Meticulous Quality Control. At Starz Electronics, We Set High Standards To Maintain Product Non-Conformity At The Lowest Level.

Our Objective Is To Always Comply With Our Customer’s Requirements And To Aim For Better Quality Results That Exceed Their Expectations.

quality focus
Quality control

We deploy a quality-control approach based on manual and machine inspection. All products go through complete and thorough testing carried out by a team of experienced technicians. For it to be more efficient, the quality control approach is periodically reviewed and updated, ensuring continuous improvement.

Management System

Our commitment to guarantee quality products and services goes beyond our quality-control approach. We believe the concept of quality shall be ingrained in each and every part of our business; that’s why we’ve been adhering to international quality standards.

ERP System

For many years, Starz Electronics process management has been bolstered by an ERP system. This integrated management solution has been an integral part of our journey to maturity. Fully developed by our IT team, our ERP system is tailored to the company’s needs in its entirety. It provides complete control over every part of our activities through its database management.

quality focus
Smart Inventory Management

At Starz Electronics, smart inventory management is made possible thanks to our ERP system. Through real-time information, our cloud-based ERP centralizes all primary inventory information into one place, and gives remote access to that information to everyone involved in the supply chain. This enables us to get a complete grasp of current and forecasted stock, resulting in prompt and effective decision-making.

Alerting the right decision-makers to projected inventory depletion reinforces our timely response and lets us meet our target on-time delivery.

Automatic inventory management minimizes errors and streamlines product.