Oxygen ventilator

Built and donated Oxygen Ventilators.

Oxygen ventilator team

Amid the COVID19 battle, Starz Electronics provides a local solution to Oxygen ventilator shortages.

In the midst of COVID-19 crisis, nations worldwide are struggling to prevent shortages of critical medical equipment, notably ventilators. Starz Electronics joins the national effort to counter the COVID-19 crisis by developing and manufacturing a small series of oxygen ventilators in record time.

Starz Electronics devoted its mechanical, electrical, and wiring design team to accomplish the mission in its local Bizerte facilities. Starz Electronics succeeded in developing its first prototypes in less than 4 weeks.

The final product was built and conceived from scratch using exclusive company expertise. It took a combination of different skills in the fields of electronic circuitry, mechanical 3D prototyping, and electrical wiring experience.

Oxygen ventilator

The final product is light, portable, fully functional, and meets all required ventilator primary functions. Once primary authorization and approval are granted, Starz will be donating the ventilators to local hospitals for free.

Team includes:
  • Ali Belakhoua- Manager
  • Walid Bra- Engineer
  • Fethi Toil- Engineer
  • Mohamed Bahri- Retired Electronics professional
  • Sarra Belakhoua- Medical Doctor
Oxygen ventilator