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Our Products & Services

We offer the full array of electronic and electric manufacturing services:

Cable assemblies and wire harnesses

Throughout the years, Starz Electronics has gained a high level of expertise in the domain of cable assemblies and wire harnesses, tackling both small series and high volume demands. Its services’ portfolio includes cable design and over-molding, flexible assembly processes, quality testing and product packaging.

PCB assembly

Starz Electronics has been supplying its OEM customers with PCB assembly services for more than 18 years. Taking the most of its resources, Starz has confidently succeeded in bringing its customers’ PCB projects into reality. The mastery of three assembly technologies, (SMT, through-hole and multi-layer) broadens its services and helps it reach different markets.
Our circuit design service has been a great addition to our customer’s needs.

Energy Storage solutions

(our progress in terms of manufacturing)

Starz Electronics has set-up a fully equipped pilot line for the production of energy storage solutions:
◇ Cylindrical NMC and LFP Lithium-ion cells
◇ Prismatic NMC and LFP lithium-ion cells
◇ Lithium-ion battery packs.


Through its sister company, Starz Electronics works hand in hand with its partners to deliver manufacturing services of lighting products. Assemblies of LED products, CFLs and lightning fixtures are all part of these services.

Small motors and copper windings

Starz Electronics also offers manufacturing services that include:
◇ Copper winding
◇ Relays
◇ Sensors
◇ Small transformers
◇ Small motors

Design and Prototyping services

Every product stems from a design process. Electronic, Electric and electro-mechanical products are no exception. At Starz Electronics, we’re determined to provide our customers with an extended solution. Aside from mass production, we strive to take part in every aspect of their project, starting from design and prototyping.

What we’re capable of doing?

◇ We’ve established a fully furnished unit dedicated to design and prototyping. To help our customers materialize their product ideas, a team of skillful technicians are piloting the work. The team has a wide range of skill sets that enables them to conduct circuit and plastic mold designs via computer-aided design software as well as circuit prototyping.

◇ 3D printing: When it comes to plastic molds prototyping, 3D printing is the way to go. And it’s safe to say, we’ve got you covered. Our 3D printers are great at handling projects with various degrees of complexities. This equipment allows us to further refine our design choices and to deliver prototypes that best suit our customers’ requirements.